wtf is thermidor<?.

thermidor< is a content-led creative agency whose aim is to create intelligent conversation through cannabis content.
we also aim to challenge social stigmas, make marijuana mainstream, and celebrate cannabis culture.

whose idea was all this?

dave barton is a copywriter who accidentally ended up founding a remote content marketing agency: tbc/wtf.

schooled in the dry rigors of b2b pr, he consciously segued into the tech sector to better understand the massive amount of opportunities there (mainly because he's not a techy at all). he stayed because, as it transpires, smart people need to use oddly-shaped brains like his to help them sell their SaaSy-blockchain-photonics-powered wares.

and now he wants to do the same in the cannabis sector... so he's started another (!) agency: thermidor< 

not just for sh*ts and giggles, but out of a genuine passion for the plant and all of its marvels.

who’s that other fellow?

jamie bonthron is the co-founder of thermidor< and a marketer with a storied background in lots of odds and sods.

now, he finds himself deep in the cannabis industry, alongside his chum and colleague monsieur barton, forging a path forward with cannabis content marketing.

a generalist by trade, his driving force is an inquisitive nature, one that leads him on strange trips and adventures –usually with the aim of meeting new and interesting people.

he believes the time for cannabis is now, and wants to be a part of making its adoption appreciated everywhere.

featured lobsterpot <

want some words with that weed?

ready to chat content, cannabis, and creativity?

we thermidorks< are a friendly bunch. we really want to help get you the right kind of attention too. so let’s talk… no presh.