what do we do?.

our approach is underpinned content-led creativity – or more specifically


we cut through cannabis complexity

we articulate offerings

we bring personality to products

we drive excitement and engagement

we do all of these things to help you sell

strategy stuff

creative/marketing consultation – we don our metaphorical scuba gear and deep dive into your ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’.content

strategy – it’s time to start demonstrating your expertise and telling the world you mean business.online

marketing audits – you know you’re spending… but where’s it all going?research – where have you been? where you headed? who’s in the way?

brand strategy – how can we best position you for success? let’s find out…

messaging – let’s focus on what you want to be known for.

tone of voice – say it loud and proud. communicate with purpose and passion.

pitch decks – hitting the investment trail? we got your back.

content stuff

blogs – they work. like really work when it comes to showcasing your awesomeness.

whitepapers – a downloadable lead gen tool? that delivers real value? uh…yeah!

emails – yup, they still get attention… well, you read em don’t cha?

case studies – ain’t no endorsement like a third party endorsement!sales materials – give your sales squad what they need to up their game.

websites – your digital shop window needs to attract and entice. leave that to us.

landing pages – one-off campaign pages that drive conversions and inquiries.

scripts – a video about what you do? let’s outline what that could look like.

podcast & video production – audio. video. we got ‘em covered: podcasts, interviews, panel discussions, and much more.

digital stuff

seo – some call it ‘voodoo’. we call it ‘knowing what customers are looking for’.

sem – as above. but with money. 

google business – lock in an important piece of the visibility puzzle.

social media – engagement is nothing without momentum. 

online ads – there are ways… even in cannabis. 

digital marketing – everything. everywhere. all at once. in all the right places.

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