complexity, cannabis, & computers… we love ‘em too (truth)

So you're into tech AND cannabis (though your mom’s mostly proud about the ‘tech’ part, right?)?

it’s tough to communicate in cannatech, whether you’re hawking software or hardware

You still have to cut through complexity AND tease out business value.

You need to make your content engaging AND talk tech features.

You have to make SaaS sound sexy AND show it’s safe and reliable.

You have to make mechanisms mainstream AND show that they're efficient and affordable.

And that’s before you sprinkle in anything about THC or CBD.

you need some, erm, help creating that kickass cannatech content?

At thermidor<, we believe tech and B2B stuff should never be boring – especially when cannabis is involved. Content-led creativity is our bag. We work with businesses like yours to create blogs, podcasts, videos, web copy, creative campaigns, and more – smart, engaging, cut-through content that attracts customers and drives sales.

Our sister company – tbc/wtf – specializes in B2B tech content (working with businesses like Findity, PublishOne, WorkPoint, and PhotonDelta – to name a few).

And through thermidor< we do the same; but for cannabis companies.

We also have a podcast – the lobsterpot< – where we speak to industry experts; blogs where we pen our own informed musings; and a newsletter that’s packed with handy-canna-news.

Hey – we get it. Cannabis and tech are a curious pairing.

But they complement each other pretty well: kinda like we could…

so, whatcha say? fancy a chat? hit us one time on this lovely button.